Ways To Work From Home

You are searching for ways to work from home? Here I want to give you an overview of different opportunities and I will show you some advantages or disadvantages each opportunity has to offer. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one or two of them.

My advice is to focus on one of them at a time in the beginning. It can be overwhelming when you start too many things at the same time. Later, when you are confident with what you are doing and you think you can add another type of work, go ahead and try a different one. It is sometimes good to have multiple income streams unless your current way to work from home fulfills already all your dreams. Then stick with it and master it.Ways To Work From Home - Success

The most important thing is: Don’t give up when some issues arise. The most successful people fight for their success. They learn and practice constantly and they have help and mentors.

It is wise to choose a program where you either are an expert in or you don’t need any help. Otherwise, you search for something you can be sure you get all the help you need.

Here are some ways to make money from home

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Selling on eBay and Amazon
  • Drop shipping
  • Completing Paid Surveys
  • Writing
  • Data entry

 Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An Affiliate Marketer promotes products and services in driving traffic to other companies’ (Merchants’) websites where the visitor can buy those products or services. The company pays the Affiliate a commission for every sale made. You have nothing to do with shipping and collecting money. The only what you collect is your commission.

Ways To Work From Home - Affiliate Marketing

How does the affiliate send visitors to the merchant’s website?

You as the affiliate have a website. Some companies provide a ready-to-use website and the only thing you need to do is to advertize this website in order to get people to look at it. This can be through social media or other advertising methods.

The problem with websites provided by the company is that you are not able to customize it and many other affiliates do have the same website. The competition is high and it will be harder for you to get people to visit especially your site.

The best way to earn money from home as an Affiliate is to have your very own website that stands out from the crowd. You should be able to make it unique and interesting and to optimize it for search engines so that your website will be found by people who are looking for a special product or service.

So, this sounds good to you and you think this could be something for you, but you do not have any idea on how to build a website.  I can help with that.

How to build a website easy and fast?

Here is a tool where you can build your website for free:

As you can see, creating a website is easy, but how do you know, what content you should put on it and how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? You will need help with this. There is a community where you have unlimited help through training videos, classroom lessons, live chat, and over 200,000+ members are there to help each other. The name of this community is Wealthy Affiliate, founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005.

How do I find products and services to promote?

Lots of companies provide an affiliate program and you can contact them directly; or you register in one of the many affiliate networks and choose the company and product you want to promote from a usually long list of companies and their products.

The best you can do is to find a niche you are passionate about and promote products related to this particular niche. This can be everything from sports, traveling, art, gardening, cooking, culture, photography and every subject what you can think of.  You can get help with choosing a niche and how to get started in Wealthy Affiliate.

I highly recommend this way to work from home to everybody who has a hobby or at least an interest in a certain subject. You do not need to be an expert in this yet, but you should have the interest and the desire to learn more about this subject. Everything else can be learned here in Wealthy Affiliate.

Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing?

Most of the people do network marketing every day; they just don’t get paid for it.

Kids start network marketing (without pay) at the age of 5. They tell their friends: “Ask your mom to buy you this toy”. How often have you recommended a movie, a restaurant, a financial service or anything else because of good experience with that? Did you get paid for it? There is a way to get paid for recommending things we like.Way To Work From Home- Network Marketing

A Network Marketer recommends a company’s product or service. This time he uses mainly his network (online or offline) to promote the product. He recommends the product and costumers buy  the product directly with the company through the distributor’s website. This is the most common way and the distributor has nothing to do with delivery and payments.

This business is also called multi-level marketing (MLM). That means the distributor not only recommends the product; he also recommends the business itself to others and gets rewarded for every sale that happens because of the new distributor’s recommendation.

Network marketing is a very popular type of business for those who look for a part-time business and it is totally legit. Avon, Tupperware, and Norwex are examples of network marketing companies. Doing network marketing business can bring you additional money into the households income.

Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that focus more on recruiting new distributors than on selling products or services.  Those systems in which the money comes mainly from recruitment may be considered illegal pyramid schemes and gave this industry a bad reputation.

How to identify a good network marketing company?

When you consider joining a network marketing company you should look for the following facts:

  • Does the owner have much network experience and how long does the company exist?
  • Does the company have a high public recognition and is awarded for innovation or is it recommended by well-known organizations such as non-profit organizations, sports associations, and big brands? They have much to lose recommending an untrustworthy company.Ways To Work From Home - Partners
  • Are there remarkable products or services that people buy without a compensation plan? Are those products consumable and to be reordered in order to have a residual income?
  • The compensation plan is very important. Most people will do this business part-time. Is the compensation plan designed for part-timers? You should get paid according your efforts with no breakaway?
  • Is there a duplicable system in place and how is the leadership in the company? How will you be trained and coached?
  • How does your future look like? Is there a way to retire while keeping your lifestyle or do you have to recommend for the rest of your life?Ways To Work From Home Top 100

I can recommend a company that has all of the mentioned components. This is a well publicly recognized 23-year-old family-run company with premium products and a great pension plan. You get more information here.

 Selling on eBay and Amazon

I am sure you have bought items on eBay or/and Amazon. Those are the largest internet selling platforms and very popular. You have two choices on how to sell on eBay and Amazon. You could buy products at wholesale suppliers and sell them on Amazon or eBay. This involves a huge amount of time to research what items are in high demand and are likely to be sold. You have to calculate not only the shipping costs, but also the several fees for using the platform. You will need to have storage for the items as well.

A better way to sell products on these websites is through drop shippers. You still have to calculate the shipping costs and the fees, but you do not need to ship the item by yourself. You collect the money through eBay and place the order with your drop-shipper and pay for it. The drop-shipper will send the item to the customer. You will have to deal with claims and issues with damaged items. It is your responsibility to contact the supplier and clarify the issue.Ways To Work From Home Dropshipping

 Drop Shipping

As earlier described, a drop shipper sends an item to the buyer after the buyer paid you for the item and you placed the order with the drop shipper. This can be the case when you sell on eBay or Amazon or you do have your own online store. You have to check frequently your website in order to not miss any sold product.  You need also to check if the item listed is still available. Otherwise, you have to refund the customer when an item is currently out of stock or discontinued. This can be a hassle when you are not able to work your business for a few days or weeks because of illness or other urgent events.

However, drop shipping is the better solution when you do not want to stock products at home and ship them to the customer. On the other hand, you can buy items much cheaper when you buy in big amounts and ship them by yourself. That means your profit will be higher.

Writing or Data Entry

You have a passion for writing articles, stories and essays? Then you should consider searching the internet for writing jobs. There are plenty of jobs available.

Here is a website I found: http://www.freelancewriting.com

Some companies outsource their work and offer data entry jobs from home.

These are only a few of many more possible ways to work from home. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

To your success,


4 thoughts on “Ways To Work From Home

  1. paul

    Hello Anne

    I have tried almost all of these methods over the years, but always find that I come back to Affiliate Marketing.

    No matter what niche you work in, there is always a company, letting you promote and sell there products, and whats more, there are no calls, not deliveries, or no inventory to keep – you just earn a percentage of the profit.

    The only thing you do need is a website, and I see you have recommend Wealthy Affiliate – I too use WA, and would back your recommendation 100% – it really is a first class program, with all of the tools you need to be successful in affiliate marketing


    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you, Paul.
      I think, it depends on the personality of every person what they would like to do. I want to show as many ways as possible so everybody can pick one they like. There are some ways I personally would not like to go for, but some people will. I like Wealthy Affiliate because of the same reasons you mentioned. All we need to do is to build a website with good content. This is not hard because of all the training and tools we have here and the support which is amazing.

  2. stefany

    As a newbie to this internet marketing thing, I have to say, your article is very true. I am also a member of WA and I am loving the programs and courses. It does take some work and dedication to make it in this business but with the right mindset, everything is possible.

    1. Anne Post author

      Hi Stefany,
      yes, you have to have the right mindset in order to succeed online, but I think having the right training and support is very important as well. There are so many “programs” out there that want to make you believe that you can make money easily using a few tools and with some clicks on a button. This does not exist and all successful Internet Marketers worked hard for this success. You need to have training and help and we have all this here in WA. Also, I want to make people, who are looking for an opportunity to work from home, make aware of the scams out there. There is no need that people get trapped and lose money and time with those scams when we help them to find the right opportunity.


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