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You want to build a beautiful website? You are in the right place.

Make your own Website completely free

What makes your website a perfect web presence?

You want to build a web presence to attract visitors and customers to your business. It is not only important how your website looks like. There  are five very important principles your website should follow:

  • Look and design must be professional.
  • The website should load fast.
  • It should be easy for your visitors to navigate through your site.
  • Your site should use CMS (will explain in a minute).
  • Content on your site must be of high quality

Where can you find all aspects as  a framework for your site? I recommend using WordPress.


Why using WordPress?

In former times, I wouldn’t even have thought about “Building a Website”. It was turned off when I heard about HTML codes and programming and so on and I didn’t even try to understand. It seemed to be too difficult for me. So, now you know, I am not the computer freak and I thought I would never be able to have  my own website. But things change.

Nowadays, anyone can build a website with WordPress thanks the earlier mentioned CMS (Content Managing System). There are no codes and programming knowledge required in order to build a beautiful website.

WordPress :

  • is easy to install and to set-up ( at WA only a click on the button)
  • no advanced knowledge, no HTML required
  • more than 1000 templates to choose from
  • full functionality, over 10,000 add-on features

I personally use WordPress for my websites and I want to show you how. Watch the video “How to build a website under 30 seconds” by Kyle, owner of Wealthy Affiliate.





As you could see, it takes not even a minute to set up a fully functional WordPress website.

You can have your own website in just a few minutes, when you take action now:

  1. Create a Free account
  2. Start building your website for 0$ at SiteRubix
  3. Get access to 2 free websites (including hosting) and all the training you need

You need help with your website?

Don’t hesitate to ask. Contact me anytime via my profile in Wealthy Affiliate.

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